"Gamble said she found photographer Pia Johnson’s untitled work to be the most moving. It consists of three panels of photographs of the artist obscured behind a shower curtain and is based on a young detainee’s report about asking to be allowed to shower for four minutes instead of the usual two." - The Huffington Post

" There is a clever combination of the intensely personal with the objective ... Johnson's [work]  is characterised by a clarity and expressive power that is seductive and embracing... Chinese Whispers and Other Stories is full of beautiful, evocative and conceptually enticing images. Some of these are outstanding and a tribute to the talents of the artists and to the selective intelligence of the curator." - The Canberra Times

" Chinese Whispers and Other Stories subtly shifts the labour of narrative-building from artist to audience. It simmers with questions, not just ‘Who am I?’ but ‘Who are you?’ or more pointedly, ‘Who are you to ask?’ It shatters stereotypes and rewards those who work patiently towards understanding. " - Pencilled In

In a dim light… successfully unravels mixed tones of emotion that tells of an influential and personal narrative.”  - Artist Profile

"While Pia Johnson's photographs of decrepit Shanghai neighbourhoods and architecture could have benefited from a larger format, her incisive compositions and unlikely spying of colour amid the rubble speaks of the places - and more implicitly, the people - that economic booms have a habit of forgetting." - The Age


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