por por's house

Great review + mention for Closing the Distance

There is a wonderful review on Art + Australia for Closing the Distance at Bundoora Homestead.

"Por Por’s House (2014) by Pia Johnson likewise is given over to a domestic space. In a much larger, well-lit and open bedroom, Johnson’s photographic installation offers snapshots of her grandparents’ suburban Australian house. The colonial space of the gallery draws out the tensions between the recognisable ‘70s shag carpet, light blue walls, doilies and family photos that define visiting relatives’ houses, and the objects and artefacts that act as an homage to the living Chinese-Malay culture transplanted to a foreign country. There is a sense of rediscovering and living with the migrant history passed down through generations, and casting it as homely and familiar."

- Andy Butler

Read the full item: http://www.artandaustralia.com/online/discursions/closing-distance