Workshop at Punctum Inc - spots available

I’ll be giving a workshop as part of my residency at Punctum In in mid November. Based around my residency project ‘Blood works : thinking through our identity’, the workshop will investigate concepts of similarity and difference – in relation to blood, bloodlines and photography, and will engage with the intersection of science, technology and arts, and how these ideas then relate to a personal and cultural identity formation.

The studio/lab will be divided into two sections, the initial an ‘ideas’ session of discussion and exercises; the second a ‘making’ session where a visual outcome will be produced. Participants may bring new ideas, approaches or existing project ideas to share.

This workshop is ideal for:
- Artists and people working in ‘Creative Industries’ of all mediums and expertise.
- Artists interested in the cross sections of science, technology and art.
- Artists interested in cultural identity.
- Artists engaged or interested in photographic language and practices

Booking and more details here